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Article: 20 Perfect UK baby shower present ideas for 2023

20 Perfect UK baby shower present ideas for 2023

Baby Shower Present Ideas Uk

20 best baby shower gifts from the UK’s top indie sellers for less than £50

The baby shower is fast approaching and you still need a unique gift that’ll stand out from the mountain of baby grows? Well, look no further! We’ve created a buyer’s guide of hand-picked spectacular gifts that’ll stand out from the stack and put a smile on the faces of new parents and newborns alike.

What is a baby shower?

A baby shower is for any Mum-to-be to welcome their little baby into the world and to take the pressure off when they need it most. It can be overwhelming for new parents in the final stages of pregnancy. There is so much they need before the big day and many Mums simply don't have the time and energy to get out to the shops to get everything they need, not to mention the soaring costs of baby clothes, blankets, nappies and everything in between. Mums deserve something timeless, thoughtful and meaningful to mark the occasion and welcome their new little bundle into the world.

The best UK indie baby shower gifts of 2023

Rather than focus on the mainstream go-to’s, we’ve decided to champion the best of small independent stores from all over the UK to showcase the talent, quality and workmanship that these little beauties are capable of. You just can’t beat a small business if you’re looking for unique items and quality customer service and there’s never been a better time to help these local gems out.

The best UK gender-neutral baby gifts 2023

One of the toughest parts of buying a baby shower gift is that you may not know what the gender is yet which can sometimes make it tough to pick baby clothes for example. Well worry-not, the gift guide below has been carefully curated to ensure that every item is gender-neutral so boy or girl, the perfect gift awaits. 

To make things a little easier, we’ve bracketed the gift guide for you and added some tags so you can quickly find the best gift for you. 

Push Present Gift Ideas UK

10 unique baby shower gifts for £20 or less

Let’s get stuck in! Just because you may have a small budget for a gift, doesn’t mean you can’t get a truly unique present for that baby shower or newborn celebration! We’ve found 10 incredible gift ideas for £20 or less from some of the finest UK indie stores for you to take a peek at:

Toys From the Woods Co. - Wooden Baby Rattle £14

Push Present - Wooden baby Rattle

Gender Neutral | Natural Materials | UK-based Indie Store

This Manchester-based children’s boutique has a gorgeous selection of hand-made wooden baby gifts and toys to choose from including this wonderful wooden baby rattle - the ultimate newborn toy.

Donna Wilson - Cyril the Squirrel-Fox Eco-Teether - £17

Push present - baby teether

Gender Neutral | Quirky | Under £20 | UK-based Indie Store

The Donna Wilson collection is packed with quirky, super-unique products that show off her flair and creativity. Her characters are brimming with character and really stand out from the crowd. Her baby teethers are made with top-quality 100% eco-rubber with no holes to avoid any nasty bacteria build-up. 

Tigercub Prints - Rory the Lion Cushion cover - £17

Lion cushion cover on nursing chair

Gender Neutral | Hand-made | Nursery Decor | 100% Organic | Under £20 | UK-based Indie Store

The nursing chair’s best friend! This wonderful, super-cute lion cushion cover is guaranteed to liven up any newborn nursery and add a little comfort and style to the nursing chair. Lovingly handmade in the UK and created using the finest quality 100% cotton fabric, this is a safari nursery must-have! Check out our matching set of safari characters and matching prints to boot.

Banks-Lyon - Bamboo Baby Swaddle Blanket £12-17

Push Present - baby swaddle blanket

Gender Neutral | 100% Organic | Under £20 | Includes Presentation Box

Made from the super-soft mix of 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton, these finest-quality swaddle blankets are absolutely superb with gorgeous printed patterns. For an extra £5 add a ‘Welcome to the World’ wooden presentation box to complete the gift.

Jomanda - Cream Highland ‘Coo’ plush toy - £20

Push Present - Baby Plush Cow

Gender Neutral | Newborn Safety Compliant | Under £20 | UK-based Indie Store

This lovely Leicester-based Indi store has been creating wonderful quality plush toys since 2005. Each toy is safety-marked and suitable from birth and will make the perfect gift for expectant Mums or newborns.

Bear & Rose - Safari Trio wooden decal wall cut-outs - £20

Push Present - Bear and Rose wooden animal decals

Gender Neutral | Natural Materials | Customisable | Nursery Decor | UK-based Indie Store

A truly unique gift idea by the wonderful Bear & Rose. This set of wooden safari animals which simply stick to any wall is simply gorgeous. They are available in five different wood veneers including Maple, Oak, Sapele, Walnut or a Black Oak option allowing you to create the perfect wood finish to suit the colouring or style of the intended decor.

While She Grows - Wire Word Art - ‘Hello’ Knitted Sign £20

Push Present - Baby Wire Letters

Gender Neutral | Hand-Made | Customisable | Nursery Decor | UK-based Indie Store

Nothing says ‘welcome to the world’ like a custom-made hand-knit ‘hello’ wire sign! (Less you get the words ‘Welcome to the World’ made instead!) These are beautiful, unique and fully customisable. Pick from a variety of phrases and colours or get a fully personalised baby name as the perfect personalised present!

Banks-Lyon - Pregnancy Indulgence Unwinding Oils Gift Set £18

Push Present - Mummy Oils

Gift for Mum | Gift Box Included | UK-based Indie Store

This one is just for Mum-to-be. Pregnancy can be tough on both the body and the mind, so what could be better than to indulge her with this lovely gift set, complete with a wooden gift box, guaranteed to nourish the body and deeply relax the mind. Boy, will you be popular!

Bows & Vows Uk - Wooden Milestone Discs £16.50

Push Present - Baby Milestone Disks

Gender Neutral | Natural Materials | Nursery Decor | UK-based Indie Store

They grow up so fast! These lovely wooden milestone discs will help newborn parents keep up and savour every milestone along the way. The set consists of 13 engraved wooden discs and a handy drawstring bag.

The Baby Space - Natural wooden baby hairbrush set £20

Push Present - Baby Hairbrush Set

Gender Neutral | Natural Materials | Nursery Decor | UK-based Indie Store

For the lucky babies born with a full head of hair! This 3-piece set of gorgeous wooden baby brushes couldn’t be cuter! Unless maybe you get them personalised for a few pounds more. A truly unique baby shower gift or push present for new mommas.


10 best baby shower gifts for £50 or less

Let’s push the boat out a little! Below are a selection of fantastic gender-neutral gifts for newborn babies for £50 or less

Tigercub Prints - Neutral Safari Animals Nursery Prints Set of 3 - £16 - £40

Tigercub Prints - Push present - Baby Safari Nursery Prints Set

Gender Neutral | Printed in the UK | Hand-Illustrated | Nursery Decor | UK-based Indie Store

Well of course we’re going to pop our prints in here! After all, our set of beautiful, unique and super-cute illustrations are best-sellers on Etsy! And with their gender-neutral colour scheme, they look just wonderful in almost any nursery or baby room and create a fantastic feature wall. If you’re looking for the perfect frame to fit these beauties, they fit perfectly in these Ikea frames, available in a range of colours and styles.

Autumn’s Corner - Solid Ash Peg-Rail £30 - £50

Push Present - Wooden Baby Peg Rail

Gender Neutral | Natural Materials | Nursery Decor | Customisable | UK-based Indie Store

Another wonderful UK independent - Autumn’s Corner has a reputation for creating gorgeous, hand-made, quality craftsmanship and this peg board is no exception. Pick your size and colour to create a unique and super-handy gift that any new parent would be delighted with.

Edita M Handmade - Unisex crochet baby booties & bunny hat newborn set £36.50

Push Present - Crochet Newborn hat and booties set

Gender Neutral | Hand-Made | Under £40 | UK-based Indie Store

The perfect unisex newborn set for that special tiny someone. These are beautifully detailed and finished with little leatherette laces to complete the look. Buy just the boots or hat individually for £20 or less if you’re on a tight budget.

Treatrepublic - Personalised Matt Vertical Bar Necklace £29 

Push Present - Personalised Necklace for New Mums


Gift for Mum | Gift Box Included | Customisable | Personalised | UK-based Indie Store

The ideal baby shower present for a new Mum - a beautifully timeless and elegant necklace that can be personalised with either the newborn’s name or date of birth that she will treasure forever. The Treatrepublic mission is to create quality, one-of-a-kind keepsakes to mark and cherish life’s special moments. 

Toys From the Woods Co. - Wooden Baby Activity Gym £49

Push Present - Wooden Baby Activity Gym

Gender Neutral | Natural Materials | Hand-Made | UK-based Indie Store

Top of the budget, but what an incredible gift this is! This UK-made, handcrafted, natural wooden baby gym would look stunning in any nursery. Complete with super-cute hanging toys in a range of colours to pick from.

Yumberry Shop - Reversible Maple-Leaf Play Mat £38

Push Present - Reversible Woodland Leaf Baby mat

Gender Neutral | Quirky | Nursery Decor | Hand-Made | Reversible | Organic | UK-based Indie Store

The perfect tummy-time gift for the little cherub. A beautifully hand-made, reversible maple leaf play mat, created using organic cotton muslin fabric. This is a true statement piece that any baby would adore and any parent would be proud of.

Dolly Sheep - Personalised Seagrass Nursery Storage Basket £35 - £45

Push Present - Baby Storage Basket

Gender Neutral | Hand-made | Nursery Decor | Customisable | Personalised | UK-based Indie Store

Any parent will tell you that having plenty of storage is an absolute must when having a baby. This all-natural woven seagrass storage basket, fully personalised and finished with hand-made crocheted handles will make the perfect addition to any newborn nursery.

Modo Creative - Personalised Wooden Stacking Rainbow £28 - £30

Push Present - Personalised Wooden Stacking Rainbow for Baby

Gender Neutral | Natural Materials | Personalised | Customisable | UK-based Indie Store

Made from solid oak and personalised with the baby’s name and date of birth, this fantastic baby shower present can be a keepsake, ‘shelfie’-ornament or baby toy. 

Little Nest Box - Neutral Cloud & Rainbow Baby Mobile £40

Push Present - Baby Rainbow and Cloud Mobile

Gender Neutral | Natural Materials | Hand-Made | Nursery Decor | UK-based Indie Store

Handmade using pure wool felt, woollen felt balls and a natural wooden hoop, this gorgeous handcrafted creation would look spectacular hanging over any baby cot or Moses basket. 

Eddie & Lilly - Hand-knitted organic baby swaddle sleeping bag £49

Push Present - Hand Knitted Baby Swaddle Sleeping Bag

Gender Neutral | Natural Materials | UK-based Indie Store

A truly stunning hand-knit, 100% cotton baby sleeping bag. Complete with a suede zip-tip to protect the baby’s neck, the sleeping bag is designed to help the baby fall asleep faster, improve comfort and provide cuddly warmth.

Even More Newborn Baby Gift ideas

For even more gift ideas for newborns, head over to our shop to check out our full range of luxury nursery prints and cushion covers. Our prints come in three different sizes and price ranges so there is something for everyone. We also created a range of Neutral-coloured prints to ensure our designs will look stunning in any theme, colour scheme or gender.

Our prints come in standard sizes - A5, A4 and A3 so matching frames are easy to find online or even from Ikea. For more information on framing, don’t hesitate to drop us a message and we’ll happily point you in the right direction.

We also offer free gift-wrapping and personalised messages as well as free shipping with every UK order. If you’re shopping internationally (from outside the UK) head over to our Etsy store where we will happily fulfil your order.

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