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Article: Essential Soft Toy Storage Ideas for Effortlessly Tidy Kids Rooms

Essential Soft Toy Storage Ideas for Effortlessly Tidy Kids Rooms

Tigercub Prints Soft Toys

Ok I have a confession to make. I’m the reason my children have obscene amounts of soft toys. It’s me, I’m the problem it’s me…

I can’t help it! I’m in the shop and they just seem to jump into my hands. But lately I’ll wander into my child’s bedroom and see the problem mounting. All of these cuddly soft toys need to be organised and I cannot be the only one who falls victim to their cuteness.

So that’s what’s compelled me to figure out what’s the most effective and aesthetic way to organise and store those lovable fluffy soft toys, so hold tight for my top cuddly toy storage solutions:

The out of sight out of mind option:

Soft toy storage basket

Pear Cuddly toy Storage Basket from Dunelm: £25

I especially love the natural material for these beautiful baskets because it adds texture to the room and they look great too. They have a range of styles to suit your decor including mushrooms and dinosaurs!

The practical option:

Bookcase soft toy storage

Kids Casey Bookcase with Soft Toy Storage From Dunelm: £69

The only thing more out of control than our soft toy collection is our children’s books collection… And this option solves both! I love that your little one can choose their story and pick a cuddly toy to snuggle up to for bedtime.

The classy option:

Rattan soft toy storage

Children's soft toy storage bench From H&M: £59.99

I’ve got to be honest, I’m a sucker for rattan and this storage bench is simply beautiful. Easy to store your toys, so when it’s tidy up time you can quickly throw them in. It just makes sense. And you should be able squeeze one of these at the foot of the bed.

The hiding in plain sight option:

Beanbag soft toy storage

Bean Bag Storage Cover for Stuffed Animals & Toys From Amazon: £25.99

This one’s a curveball… A Bean bag chair, but think less beans and more soft toys stuffed inside! Affordable, washable and available in a range of colours and styles to suit your decor. What’s not to like?

The play and pack away option:

Playmat soft toy storage

Junglito Soft toy play Mat From La Redoute: £60

These are an absolute game-changer for kids toys because it’s a big storage bag that also doubles as a play mat when you open it up. Then when it’s tidy-up-time, simply tug the drawstrings and like magic, the mess is gone!

Space for a little one? 

Now that all of your soft toy storage issues are, I'm sure, thoroughly solved, I imagine you now have the space for one of our beautiful soft toys! We have recently launched our range of beautifully made, premium soft toys and we couldn't be more proud of them. They're packed with character and have been created based on our best-selling illustrations. Find out more about them on our soft toy collection page.

They also make the perfect gift for little ones, and with 4 lovable characters to pick from, all that remains to be asked is... which is your favourite?

Tigercub Prints Soft toys
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