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Article: Cushions for Kids: Children's nursery cushions with comfort & creativity

Cushions for Kids: Children's nursery cushions with comfort & creativity

Lion children's cushion cover on kid's bed

Finding all those lovely nursery decor bits that make your little one’s room feel special and homely is one of the most exciting and rewarding tasks of decorating their nursery. Whether it's a lovely cosy rug to sink my feet into, handy rattan baskets in the shape of woodland animals to store away all the toys or of course, picking out a beautiful cushion or two to sit pride-of-place on the nursing chair, it all helps to add the finishing touches to their little bedroom.

So, with that in mind, let’s get stuck into Tigercub Prints Nursery Cushions and answer every question you could ever need to know, courtesy of our helpful followers on Instagram.

First off, let’s discuss the quality. Cue the first question:

Are the cushion covers ethically made and what material is used?

We're pretty proud of the quality of our cushion covers. They're made in the UK and hand finished. When you feel one in your hand you’ll be nodding your head vigorously in agreement that they are such a high-quality cover.

The material we've chosen is Half Panama 100% cotton which has a nice woven texture perfect for vibrant designs with excellent print quality.

What size cushion insert do I need for my cushion covers?

All of our children's cushions are 45x45cm / 18x18 inch which is a pretty standard cushion size meaning cushion inserts this size are plentiful and will fit perfectly!

What is a cushion insert and where can I get one from?

It’s not a silly question, we get asked it all the time. It’s the soft squidgy bit that goes inside the cushion cover and is sometimes called a cushion pad, cushion insert or cushion inner. There are lots of inexpensive cushion-insert choices out there and are easy to come by. Here are the cushion inserts we've tried and tested.

How can I best use my nursery cushions to decorate my little one's room?

Children's cushions are the ultimate tool in every nursery decorator's toolbox. They can add a pop of colour, a touch of style and a bundle of comfort to any space. Below is some handy inspiration of where, what and how you can style your nursery cushions in your little one’s room:

Cosy reading corner children's cushions

What could be cuter than a little cozy reading corner if you've got the space. All it takes is a little bookshelf and a few children's cushions to bring the space to life.

Children's cushions in kids reading nook

Playful teepee area children's cushions

No tiny tent or teepee is complete without a children's cushion to bring it to life.

Mum and child in kid's teepee with a tiger cushionToddler bed children's cushions

Perfect for that long bedtime story. And the second! And the third! Parents, thank us later!

Kid's bed covered with safari theme children's cushions

Nursing chair children's cushions

Again, this not only looks super-cute, but having a children's cushion on the nursing chair can be a life-saver for those long feeding stints.

A nursing chair with a lion children's cushion

What style or themed children's cushions do you do? Show us the goods!

We've been steadily adding to our children's cushion covers over the years because every time we go to a show or event we get tonnes of requests to match the characters in our nursery prints range. We now have a broad selection of safari cushions, woodland cushions, jungle cushions and even a new dino cushion who is about to be the latest to enter the fold.

Take a peek at some of the options below:

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